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Tray For Plant Box - Brass

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AED 330.00

SKU: 5747

Product Description

**This is a tray ONLY, the plant box should be purchased separately**

This tray is the essential accessory for our popular plant boxes with which you get an entirely new range of styling and storage possibilities. With this tray, your plant box gets a lid on a third of the box, and suddenly it’s the perfect side or coffee table. Try to arrange plants both in the box and on the tray, and experience how the different levels change everything. The tray is made of solid brass and fits the large plant boxes.

Colour: Brass
Size: W: 26 x D: 26 x H: 2,5 cm
Material: Solid brass
Care instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth
Please notice: This design has a delicate surface, so please be careful when placing things and objects on the Brass Tray.
Please note due to the unique finish there may be slight imperfections in the brass finish.
This item will develop a natural patina as it oxidizes. Made from brass, this tray has been designed to age gracefully, so over time it will oxidise / tarnish and reveal the natural wear. Moist, fingerprints etc. can leave marks, but it’s possible to polish them. Use “Brasso” as a metal polish.
Kindly note that no return or exchange will be accepted because of existing marks on the tray.


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