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The Hanging Vessel - Carbon, by Wrk-shp

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Product Description

The Hanging Vessel can be used as a planter or as container. The design allows for the vessel to hang flat against a wall, freeing up floor or desk space. As the vessel has no drain hole, it is recommended to put in plants which will not require much water maintenance – which is why dried flowers, succulents or air-plants can be recommended. The concrete surface will absorb surplus moisture within the vessel – water which will slowly evaporate over time.

Wrk-shp is a design studio-based in Los Angeles. They are a multi-disciplinary duo – with interests ranging from tiny mundane objects to large scale buildings and everything in between. Their clothing line is designed using textiles from Japan and produced in California. Their furniture designs and home products are made by local, highly-skilled crafts-people all made proudly in USA.

When 2 vessels are used back-to-back, this will create a mobile. It is easy to hang against the wall. It can be used for plants, for storage in home office or hallway; or it can hang freely. The Hanging Vessel is a multi-purpose decorative design piece, which looks great hanging on the wall. It is supplied with a wooden cleat.

Designer: Wrk-shp (USA) for MENU AS
Material: Ceramic, Polyester Thread
Dimensions: L16.1x W8.2 x H13.05cm


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