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Form Rocking Chair Walnut White

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AED 3,416.00

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SKU: 602734

Product Description

In order to sit comfortably for long periods, people need freedom of movement. The Form rocking chair has a molded plastic shell with a wide, curved seat, which gives plenty of opportunity for changing one's sitting position. The thickness of the shell also transitions from 1 cm at the seat to 4 mm at the top of the backrest. This ensures strength and support where the weight is borne most, as well as good flexibility for the back.

The rocking frame also offers extra potential for movement, and the comfortable, rocking rhythm has been shown to be both calming and relaxing.In addition to the comfort benefits of the rocking chair, it is especially well suited for creating inviting corners and expressive environments in all types of settings.

Size & Weight:
H: 73 x L: 48 x D: 69 x SH: 38 cm
4.5 kg

Clean with damp cloth.


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