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Letter Board Black - Small , with letters, numbers and symbols

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AED 95.00

SKU: 82040695

Product Description

This beautiful letter board gives plenty of possibility to let your creativity loose. Write important messages, sweet notes or inspiring quotes. Make the letter board a beautiful decoration in your home office, bedroom, hallway or kitchen. perfect for retail environments too. The black board with a felt background comes with black letters, numbers and symbols so that you can easily change the message according to your mood and needs!

Dimension: L25 x H18 x W2 cm

Product details:

Letters 1 pcs: Z+V+Q+X
Letters 2 pcs: F+B+C+G+J+M+P+K+W
Letters 3 pcs: D+H+U
Letters 4 pcs: O+S+T
Letters 5 pcs: L
Letters 6 pcs: I+R
Letters 8 pcs: E+N
Letters 10 pcs: A
Numbers 2 pcs: 2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9
Numbers 4 pcs: 1+0
Symbols 1 pcs: @+?+#+&
Symbols 2 pcs: !+Heart+Star


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