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The Madison Marble Table - White Marble, Large

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AED 2,950.00

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Product Description

Our Madison marble table features a beautiful design – the solid marble plate rests on a simple metal frame that has been powder coated to match the hue of the table top. Place the table next to your bed, lounge chair or sofa or combine it with other marble tables to create intriguing variation in colour, width and height.

Care instruction: To clean wipe with a damp cloth as gently as possible. Never use dusting sprays or abrasive cleaners on your marble. Be careful with hard objects that might scratch the surface as the marble is a delicate and porous stone.

***There is a mandatory shipping cost of AED 150 due upon the delivery of this bulky item.

P.S.: It is illustrated in one of the pictures in black to show the style in an environment.

Designed in Denmark.

Dimension: Ø: 70.5 x H: 35 cm


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