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About The Bowery

The Bowery Avenue in Lower Manhattan in New York is running just a mile from Chinatown up to Fourth Street where it breaks up into the Third and Fourth Avenues and then disappears. The Bowery is short in length but long in legend. It is an Anglicization of the Dutch “Bouwerij” derived from an old Dutch word for “ farm” as in the 17th Century, the area contained many large farms. The Bowery is the oldest thoroughfare on Manhattan island.

During the second half of the nineteen century, it was leading to Post Road, the main route to Boston and gained the reputation of “cheap trade without being dishonourable”, it was the second principal street of the city. Later, it started to gain in respectability and elegance and began to rival fifth avenue as a glamorous address. It has afterwards lost its glow during the 1920s through the 1970s due to impoverishment and was considered at that time New York City’s “Skid Row” where commercial activity started to grow and the Bowery became specialized in used restaurant supplies and lighting fixtures. Once known for its cheap bars and flophouses, the Bowery emerged during the last twenty years from its very edgy past as a vibrant posh area with artistic galleries and trendy stores consistently shifting between its past and its future.

Our brand is strongly linked to the Bowery as we aim to bring back something a little bit nostalgic, a little bit about old New York, a little bit comforting, but still with our own take. We want to connect a raw edgy style with a more sophisticated signature to create a hybrid contemporary look with an industrial touch.

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